2024 USBCHA National Finals Virtual DREAM TRIAL Fundraiser
July 17, 2024

Located at: 2024 USBCHA National Finals Facebook Page

You walk to the post with the sun rising behind your back. There is a slight cool breeze that you can feel on your face
coming in from the south. The ground is damp from the morning dew and it feels almost like walking on clouds.
Next to you is your partner, the dog that has brought you so much joy, the dog you dreamed of accomplishing
so much with. This is your chance, the chance to win it all. Your heart starts beating a little bit faster,
you can feel your pulse under your watch strap. A little bit of nerves mixed in with a little bit of excitement.
The sheep are set perfect at the top, you look at your partner, they look back at you, you are ready.
You send them and start the count down on your watch. Those nerves and that excitement turn into pure concentration,
this is going to be your moment.

What happens next? Scores for all articles of work will be randomly generated
and posted on the 2024 USBCHA National Finals Facebook page.

How many dogs can I enter? You can enter as many dogs as you would like, actively trialing in any level, retired,
passed away, has never made it to the post but how cool would be if you could, or even your dream dog of the future.
Enter a friend's dog or your mother's poodle, all dogs welcome!

Cost to enter? $50 per dog per run, two trials. One entry per dog per trial.

What do we win? Besides bragging rights, Peggy Wilkinson has graciously agreed to paint a portrait of the winning dog.
Please see the Facebook page listed above to see examples of Peggy's lovely work.
Winner of the painting will be determined by the combined score of both trials.
Remember scores will be randomly generated. Any ties will be broken by outwork points.

How do I enter? Entries will be accepted on HandlersPost.com Entries will be open from June 11 through June 18.

All dogs are Open level in this dream trial!
Questions? Contact Nicole Bozich fitzgeni@hotmail.com

When the trial opens, the following link will take you to the

<<< National Finals Dream Trial >>>

If you have previously registered with the Online Entry System, simply Login and go to your Entry Form. If you are a new user, choose the "Register" menu item (when the trial has opened) and follow the instructions.

The initial entry period opens at 12:00 noon (EST) on June 10
and closes at 12:00 noon (EST) on July 10.
Please send payment via paypal or venmo or by check
within 1 day of submitting your entry.

Preferred methods of payment are Venmo (venmo payment info)
and PayPal (Ashepardslife2024@gmail.com)
but checks will be accepted.

If you are mailing a check, please email Nicole at fitzgeni@hotmail.com
and let her know.
Checks can be sent and made out to :
A Shepard’s Life Inc. 645 Letlough Road, Robbins NC 27325