Montpelier Lite Sheepdog Trials

Saturday & Sunday, October 10-11, 2020

Millstone Farm, 581 Borden Grant Trail, Buena Vista, VA

Judge: Derek Fisher

Presented by the Virginia Border Collie Association
For more information on VBCA, visit

USBCHA/VBCA Sanctioned --VBCA membership must be current for points.
Ribbons awarded to six places in all classes, except Nursery.

Fees per dog: Novice $45.00, Pro-Novice $45.00, Ranch $45.00, Open $55.00, Nursery, $45.00

Run order: Saturday-Open, Nursery, Ranch, PN, NN
                  Sunday- NN, PN, Ranch, Nursery, Open
7:45AM handlers meeting, start at 8AM

A third dog may be entered with a separate check and handlers will be notified if space allows.  

Additional information and run order will be available at:

When the trial opens, the following link will take you to the

<<< 2020 Montpelier Online Entry >>>

If you have previously registered with the Online Entry System, simply Login and go to your Entry Form. If you are a new user, choose the "Register" menu item (when the trial has opened) and follow the instructions.

The initial entry period opens at 12:00 noon (EST) on September 18
and closes at 12:00 noon (EST) on September 21.
All entries submitted during this time will be
treated equally with respect to any waiting lists.
No entries accepted without full payment,
postmarked within three days of online entry submission.

There are no refunds (with the exception for USBCHA Covid guidelines)
after October 01 and checks will be cashed at that time.

Entries will be limited. Entries may be submitted after this initial entry period,
but will be accepted only if space allows.

Handlers are expected to do the following:

• Stay home if you have a cough, fever or any other symptoms of illness or believe you may have
been exposed to Covid-19
• Participants must not violate any travel or gathering measures still in effect where they live or
where the trial will be taking place
• Bring your own hand sanitizer
• Wear a mask when in close proximity to others
• Bring your own food
• Practice social distancing consistent with current guidelines. Avoid congregating to the extent
possible. Shaking hands and/or hugging should be avoided. Do not touch dogs that are not your
responsibility. Avoid common use items.
• Use sanitizer before and after using the port-a-potties; close toilet lid and leave door open as
you leave if possible; wait approximately 90 seconds to use port-a-potty after a prior user
• Avoid congregating at the scoreboard – take a picture and walk away